Promise To Kate Travel Awards

Traveling to scientific meetings and conferences is an important component of scientific training. Students and postdocs require opportunities to network, present their research, and form new collaborations with scientists in other locations around the world. These interactions are essential for developing new hypotheses, practicing scientific communication, and identifying future training and career opportunities. In an effort to facilitate this process, funding from Promise to Kate is being provided to support travel to scientific meetings related to Myotonic Dystrophy research. Five travel awards of $1000 each will be awarded to students and postdocs to help defray costs of travel and attendance at these meetings. No more than 2 awards will be provided to any given lab in the CNG.

To be eligible, you must submit an abstract to the meeting. There will be two application deadlines each year, February 1st and August 1st.  The date of the scientific conference must be within 12 months of your submission.

To apply, please provide details on the specific meeting (dates, website).

In addition, please provide a description of:

  • How your attendance at this meeting will advance Myotonic Dystrophy research (<250 words)
  • How your attendance at this meeting will advance your career goals (<250 words)

Please provide a description of funding from other sources at UF (fellowship, lab, department, graduate program, COM and University) that will be used to supplement this travel award.

Please submit applications to Tammy Reid (