Center for NeuroGenetics Travel Awards


CNG Travel awards ($2,500/year per CNG lab)

Traveling to scientific meetings and conferences is an important component of scientific training. Students and postdocs require opportunities to network, present their research, and form new collaborations with scientists in other locations around the world. These interactions are essential for developing new hypotheses, practicing scientific communication, and identifying future training and career opportunities. In an effort to facilitate this process for CNG trainees the CNG will be awarding $2,500 to each of the four CNG labs to support travel to scientific meetings. Each PI can determine how the money will be used among their trainees to help defray costs of travel and attendance at scientific meetings. To be eligible for support, you must submit an abstract to the meeting.  A brief summary of which trainee(s) received support and the meeting(s) that were attended will need to be provided to the CNG for record keeping on an annual basis.