Trainee Support

One often overlooked component of modern research institutions is support for the development and training of researchers and clinicians.  The Center for NeuroGenetics is developing a training program, including fellowships for graduate student trainees, scholarships for undergraduate students looking to work in a research lab during the summer and travel support for CNG faculty and trainees to attend domestic and international meetings. In addition, the Center has an ongoing program of journal clubs, seminar series and meetings to ensure Center personnel stay up to date on new and exciting research avenues.

Most of the funding for this support comes from generous donations made to the Center for NeuroGenetics through the University of Florida Foundation (UFF) from individuals, families, foundations and anonymous donors.  Please contact the Center for NeuroGenetics if you would like to support a trainee in some way or click HERE for more information on how to make a donation to the CNG at the UFF secure site.

Click on the titles below for more information on current support available to CNG trainees:

Center for NeuroGenetics Travel awards ($2,500/year per CNG lab)

Undergraduate student scholarships ($2,500/summer)