S. H. Subramony

S. H. Subramony, M.D.
Committee Member of CNG
Professor of Neurology

Phone: (352) 273-5550
Fax: (352) 273-5575

Department of Neurology
L3-100 McKnight Brain Institute
Newell Drive
Gainesville, FL. 32611

Dr S. H. Subramony was trained in Neurology and Electromyography/Neuromuscular diseases at the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH. Subsequent to that, he was on the faculty at the University of Mississippi Medical Center from (from 1980 to 2007), where he was named the Billy Guyton Distinguished Professor of Neurology. Later, at University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston where he was appointed the Charlotte Warmoth Professor of Neurology (2007 to 2009 ), before coming to University of Florida in 2009.  His investigative interests have been in the field of inherited ataxias and he brings a wealth of experience in evaluating and managing patients with ataxias. He was involved in the identification and characterization of many families with spinocerebellar ataxias for gene discoveries such as SCA 1, SCA 3 and SCA 6 and continues this effort in additional families.  He has also been involved in identifying novel mutations in some muscle diseases such as central core disease and Bethlem myopathy.  He continues to have an active research role in natural history studies of spinocerebellar ataxias and Friedreich ataxia, and has initiated many other clinical projects in these diseases including clinical trials, imaging research and motor physiology studies.  Dr. Subramony is involved in ongoing research in muscular dystrophies such as myotonic dystrophy and Duchenne muscular dystrophy and actively participates in ongoing clinical trials. He is an active collaborator with the Powell gene therapy center at the University of Florida as well as with many members of the Center for NeuroGenetics.

Dr. Subramony is a member of many national clinical research networks including the Friedreich Ataxia Research network, the Myotonic Dystrophy clinical research network and the Consortium for Spinocerebellar Ataxias. His long term goals are to bring therapeutic and preventive strategies to these rare Neurogenetic disorders. Current clinical studies include medication trials in myotonic dystrophy, Friedreich ataxia, Charcot Marie Tooth disease, natural history studies in Friedreich ataxia, spinocerebellar ataxias and myotonic dystrophy and imaging and motor physiology research in spinocerebellar ataxias.

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