Laboratory Reagents

Custom antibodies generated by the Ranum lab and used in the Zu et al 2011 PNAS paper, first describing Repeat Associated Non-ATG (RAN) initiated translation, have been licensed by EMD Millipore and are available from Sigma Aldrich.  Click on the links below to be taken to the Sigma Aldrich website.


ABN1353 Anti-C9ORF72/C9RANT (PR-CT)

ABN1354 Anti-C9ORF72/C9RANT (Poly-PR)

ABN1356 Anti-C9ORF72/C9RANT (poly-PA)

ABN1357, Anti-C9ORF72/C9RANT (GPsense-CT)

ABN1358, Anti-C9ORF72/C9RANT (Poly-GP sense/antisense)

ABN1360, C9ORF72 (α-GR sense Antibody, CT)

ABN1361, Anti-C9ORF72/C9RANT (Poly-GR)

PolyGA (27B11)  Antibody      RRID Pending