Faculty Labs In the Center for Neurogenetics

The faculty labs at the Center for NeuroGenetics (CNG) integrate molecular, genetic and clinical research to define the causes of neurodegenerative disease and to develop effective treatment strategies.

Core Faculty Labs

Ranum Lab

Dr. Ranum studies the molecular genetics of neurodegenerative disease focusing on understanding the mechanisms and contribution of RAN proteins and the development of therapeutic strategies.

doctor ranum in the lab with Lien Nguyen

Fujii Lab

Dr. Fujii’s research unravels how neurodegeneration and disorders are promoted by the error protein synthesis, and how increasing the fidelity of protein synthesis will help to care for diseases. 

Group photo of the Fujii Lab

Swanson Lab

Dr. Swanson’s lab studies the regulation of RNA processing during mammalian development and aging and how this regulation is altered in neurodegenerative diseases.

a female lab member works on piping samples while doctor Swanson looks on

Wang Lab

Dr. Wang’s lab uses computational, molecular, and cellular approaches to study all aspects of gene regulation, with a focus on RNA processing and RNA localization in repeat expansion diseases.

Eric Wang oversees a lab tech analyzing samples under a microscope

Nguyen Lab

Dr. Nguyen’s lab is interested in studying the roles of repetitive DNA or “genome dark matter” in disease and cellular function. They use molecular, genetic, and advanced sequencing and computational tools, animal models, patient samples and patient-derived models to identify and study pathogenic or functional tandem repeats and repeat expansions. 

Lien Nguyen in the lab