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Dr. Lien Nguyen awarded an NIH K99

The K99 will support research on developing tools to identify novel repeat expansion mutations and studying the role of these mutations in Alzheimer’s disease.

CNG Researcher Eric Wang wins Chan Zuckerberg Initiative award

Congratulations to CNG Researcher Dr. Eric Wang on receiving the very prestigious Ben Barres Early Career Acceleration Award from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. This is an outstanding achievement and will provide Dr. Wang’s lab with $2.5 million to pursue his innovative research on RNA biology and cellular trafficking in neurodegenerative disease. We are thrilled to have Eric as a member of our Center for NeuroGenetics and are looking forward to seeing where his research goes next.

New Funding Received in 2017 by CNG Researchers

The following CNG faculty have been successful in securing new funding for various research projects.  Below is a brief summary of the new grants awarded in 2017. Drs. Andy Berglund, Maurice Swanson and Eric Wang received a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant to determine the cis and trans acting…

PTK Awardees 2017

Join us in congratulating Melissa Hale from Dr. Andy Berglund’s lab and Dr. James Thomas from Dr. Maury Swanson’s lab.