Dr. Eric Wang named 2023 UFRF Professor

Dr. Eric Wang

The University of Florida Research Foundation (UFRF) has named Dr. Eric Wang, a faculty member at UF, as one of its 34 UFRF Professors for 2023. This recognition is given to faculty members who have a distinguished current record of research and a strong research agenda that is likely to lead to continuing distinction in their fields.

Dr. Wang, who is a renowned scholar in the field of repeat expansion diseases and RNA biology, was recommended for the UFRF Professorship by his college dean based on nominations from his department chair. The evaluation of his recent research accomplishments as evidenced by publications in scholarly journals, external funding, honors and awards, development of intellectual property, and other measures appropriate to his field of expertise was also taken into consideration.

The UFRF Professorship is a three-year award that includes a $5,000 annual salary supplement and a one-time $3,000 grant. The professorships are funded from the university’s share of royalty and licensing income on UF-generated products.

Dr. Wang has published over 65 papers in prestigious journals, and his research interests include the study of myotonic dystrophy, the roles of RNA-binding proteins in regulating gene expression, and the development of therapeutic approaches. He has also been recognized with numerous awards for his contributions to the field of molecular biology and neurogenetics.

Wang Lab
Images from the 5th International Brainstorm Symposium Lectures on Thursday, January 26, 2023 at Harn Museum at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. Photo by Matt Pendleton/Matt Pendleton Photography for UF College of Medicine

Upon receiving the award, Dr. Wang expressed his gratitude to the university and his colleagues, stating that he was “deeply honored” to be named a UFRF Professor for 2023. He added that the award is a recognition of not only his work, but also the hard work and dedication of his research team.

David Norton, UF’s vice president for research, also congratulated Dr. Wang and the other UFRF Professors for 2023, stating that the university can expect significant research discoveries, scholarship, and technology transfer from this group in the future.

The UFRF Professorship is a highly competitive and prestigious award that recognizes UF’s most productive and promising faculty members. Dr. Wang’s selection for the award is a testament to his significant contributions to the field of molecular biology and his potential for continued excellence in research.

Congratulations to Dr. Eric Wang on this well-deserved honor!

Dr. Wang’s lab is currently working on new and innovative research. Check out Dr. Wang’s lab page for more information on what they are working on!

Dr. Wang’s Recent Publications