4th Strength, Science and Stories of Inspiration Event

Strength, Science and Stories of Inspiration

Join the fund raising event in Boston on the evening of October 1, 2017, at MIT Kresge Auditorium (7-10 pm), to raise awareness for muscle diseases, bring all stakeholders together, and facilitate new relationships that will accelerate progress towards treatments. Purchase tickets HERE.

The 4th Strength, Science & Stories of Inspiration event will be held in Boston this Sunday, October 1 (http://strengthscienceandinspiration.com). This is an event to raise awareness about muscle disease and bring stakeholders together to find new ways to work together. Also, this past year, in partnership with MDA, they raised money to fund a young scientist who has ideas to take muscle disease research in new directions, and they also awarded their first fellowship.
They are now raising money for next year’s fellowship with a “go fund me” page  (http://gofundme.com/SSSI2017). They have already had several industry sponsors contribute, so we now have $9500 of our $20,000 goal remaining (MDA will be matching funds up to $20,000 as well for a total of $40,000, designed to cover research reagent costs and not salary). If you are in Boston this weekend, please consider attending the event, but if not, please consider donating. They think that $9500 should be feasible to crowdfund, as they did last year. This money will go directly to supporting a young scientist’s research and allowing them to take on a high risk direction that otherwise may not be possible.
Thanks in advance for your support and hope to see you somewhere in the world soon!